Dr. Shawn Wahl, dean of the College of Arts and Letters, commissioned the promotional video “Take Your Shot” to promote the diversity of programs in the art and design department. Filmed on location in Brick City and at Meyer Library, the video also highlights the facilities and equipment available to Missouri State’s art and design students.

“We offer a unique array of programs, everything from fine arts to museum studies to interactive technologies,” says Wahl. “And in Brick Citywe offer welcoming, state-of-the-art facilities – everything art and design students need to succeed.”



  • Written, produced and directed by: Lucie Amberg
  • Cinematography, camera, lighting, editing and post-production color by: Locke and Stache (Austin Elliott, Chris Olson, Josh Pfaff, Joe Ramos and Logan Triplett)
  • First Assistant Director: Jacqueline Crawford
  • Camera, lighting and audio assistants: Harrison Palmer and Carter Williams
  • Audio recording, post-production audio and sound design by: Colton Jackson
  • Services Coordinator: Barbara Jones
  • Music by: Tyler Durham


  • Callen Brown
  • Anne Campbell
  • Jesse Christensen
  • J. J. Collister
  • Marcelo Estrada
  • Angel Ford
  • J. P. Haley
  • Austin Hawkins
  • Colby Jennings
  • Beachie Johnston Green
  • Jared McBride
  • Ashley McLaughlin
  • Daniel Mertens
  • Whitney Mosly
  • Harrison Palmer
  • Live Smith
  • Stephen Smith
  • Sarah Tiel
  • Nathan Dorser
  • Logan Van Winkle
  • Hannah Voiles

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Special thanks

  • Dr. Shawn Wahl
  • Poor Yarberry
  • Richard Amberberg
  • Ann Bakker
  • Angela Baker
  • Dr Billie Follensbee
  • Tracie Gieselman-Holthaus
  • Dr. Kurt Heinlein
  • Colby Jennings
  • Shannon Mawhiney
  • Lisa McEowen
  • Tom Peters
  • Aaron Qiu
  • Rae Ann Rockwell
  • Missouri State University catering services
  • Security and Transportation from Missouri State University
  • Missouri State University Special Collections and University Archives
  • The faculty, staff and students of the art and design department