During the upcoming winter term (January 9-20, 2023), academic departments throughout Reynolds College will offer a total of 13 courses. All of these courses are online and most are for three credits.

Check out this course offering that offers students an excellent opportunity to complete a general education or catch up on a required course for their major in just two weeks.

Art in context

ART 200899, 3 credits

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

COM 115,889, 3 points

Topics in communication

COM 397,899, 2 points

Introduction to dance

EN 180898, 3 credits

Grammar Skills

ENG 191701, 1 credit

Creative Writing: Short Story

ENG 215701, 3 credits

Writing for social change

ENG 222701, 3 points

Classical mythology

LLT 121701, 3 credits

Mass media theory

MED 304.702, 3 points

Film History II

MED 375701, 3 credits

The language of music

MUS 241896, 3 credits

Introduction to theater and stage arts

DE 101.740, 3 points

Introduction to script analysis

DE 130,899, 3 points

Then be sure to sign up! Registration starts soon.

A Intersession FAQ is available online with more information.

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