Neurographic art is an art form designed in 2014 by a Russian psychologist named Pavel Piskarov. It is an intuitive art form that involves awareness and intentionality. We have over 100 billion neurons that transmit information from the brain to the rest of the body. These neurographic artworks look like neurons and cells.

Definition of Piskarev:

Neurographic art is a creative method of transforming the world. It helps evolve our reality by engaging our emotional and aesthetic intelligence to discover solutions to a variety of problems you may be working on.

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Neuro- refers to neurons or cells that carry messages throughout the body from the brain.

Graphics: artistic symbols or images

Engaging in creative processes encourages your brain to make new neural pathways and connections. Focusing on a problem or question while working on an artwork directs more neurons towards it and improves your ability to solve problems and make decisions.

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So how do you make a neurographic artwork?

  1. Start with a fine black marker and intuitively scribble slow, deliberate lines and squiggles around your page. Go outside the edge of the page and overlap the lines in different places. When I taught this to the kids, we used a technique where we used our sharpie to press a button across the page and off the edge of the paper over and over again. It has created a really cool random design for kids. I found this technique online but can’t remember where I saw it.
  2. Wherever the lines intersect, round off the corners with the fine marker.
  3. Add color using water soluble markers and water or watercolor paints.
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The first four artworks on this page were done by me. The next examples were made by students in grades 3-5.

Neurographic art | musicianwar
1684147548 77 Neurographic art | musicianwar
1684147550 343 Neurographic art | musicianwar
1684147551 765 Neurographic art | musicianwar
1684147554 350 Neurographic art | musicianwar

There are many online resources to learn more about neurographic art.

Youtube video on neurographic art

No drawing skills required! from the art of ed

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