Last weekend a crowd of artists and art lovers gathered for the Artists Paint Jam, a graffiti festival which took place in the Leake Street Tunnel in central London.
Leake Street Tunnel, also known as the ‘Banksy Tunnel’ (because he painted there in 2008) is about 300m long under the platforms of Waterloo Station. This fascinating place was the stage for 2 days of unleashed creativity and fun among graffiti lovers.

Artists from the UK and other countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Finland or even Dubai have come to paint. Among them were Mister Feeney, Perspicere, Hmmm Bates, JB, Giusi Tomasello, Cize One, Chinagirl tile, Thingie, Mondi, Olivier Roubieu, Unity, Mutiny, Pyklops, Sophy, Aliss Curtis, Peachzz, Hazard, Rochelle De-Terville , Georgie , Airborne Mark, Thundercunt, Aranzazu Perez, ODK, Artform, Rumple Stiltskin, Kamilla Lucarelli, Mr Shiz….

On Saturday 7th, the Artists Paint Jam ran simultaneously on Leake Street with the Femme Fierce Festival, an all-female event that usually took place on International Women’s Day and returned to May and on a smaller scale this year. It was the third time in a row that Femme Fierce was held.

Also there were Charlotte Ricco and Elodie Sylvain for a pop vox on the role of women artists in the public space. The two French girls based in Marseille deal with street art and gender issues. You can check their video (P)ose ta bombe on Youtube:

Here are the photos of the Artists Paint Jam. Enjoy!

A big thank you to all contributors and photographers (Stephen Ball, Charlotte Ricco, Jeremy Moseley, Keith Knowlton and Artistreet)