“The Welcoming Mother” at the gates of Rome on the Mediterranean
The activities of the “Urban Area – Open Scene” continue in Ostia.

Last Sunday, May 8 morning, “The Welcoming Mother” appeared.

Artwork: “The Mother of Hospitality”
Author: Ex Voto (Rome)
Place: Storytelling (Marco Vipsanio Agrippa square _ Ostia – Rome)
Project: “Urban Area – Open Scene” – Mat 2016
Curators: Mirko Pierri and Sonia Di Santo (a.DNA collective)

The intervention of Ex-Voto contributes to enriching the artistic path that with the project “Urban Area – Open Scene” is taking shape in Ostia, from the Teatro del Lido to the Idroscalo area.

>>Friday 20 Mayin fact, at the Lido Theater (via delle Sirene – 22), from 5.30 pm, the closing event of the photographic exhibition and of original works of art will be held. The event will coincide with the conclusion of the first act of the mural work in the neighborhood and the start of the second act which will last until the end of June.

>> A limited series of prints of the “Welcoming Mother” signed and stamped by Ex-Voto will also be presented to self-finance the next artistic incursions of the project, edited by the non-profit organization “a.DNA” in collaboration with various local realities.

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