This week I had the pleasure of seeing, meeting and chatting with Australian stencil street artist Luke Cornish aka EACH painting this brilliant portrait of Father David Smith on Martin Place in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, which has just been completed (I happen to work just around the corner).

Father Smith, also known as Fighting Father Dave, is the only Australian in Holy Orders to win state and national boxing titles. He’s been fighting the good fight for over two decades; using boxing and martial arts to keep young people away from a life of drugs and crime.

ELK and Father Smith actually know each other quite well having recently returned from a mission to Syria Boxers for Peace, which Cornish said was a life-changing experience. I bet.

This installation is part of a street art project being launched by Australian bank ANZ on unused walls in Sydney, recognizing local people with inspiring stories to tell. Alongside ELK, three other of Australia’s most celebrated street artists, Stormie Mills, Adnate and Kaff-eine, will bring to life portraits of those who have made strong contributions to their communities. It’s certainly a great way to connect the Sydney community through street art. Brilliant stuff.

I hope to interview ELK soon, so stay tuned.